Pictured Above: September 27, 2013 SWE Golden Gate Section Potluck at Richmond Marina, Richmond, CA.

Pictured Above: Wednesday October 3, 2013, Andrew Bradley presents engineers a Resume Workshop at SFSU in Science Building Room 164. 

Pictured Above: Thursday, October 4, 2013, SWE SFSU attends After Hours at The Tech Museum in San Jose, CA.

Pictured Above: October 16, 2013 Networking 101 Workshop with Mariko Hingston at SFSU Science Building.

Pictured Above: November 25, 2013 SWE SFSU Volunteers at Invent It. Build it. in Baltimore, MD for the National Conference.

Pictured Above: Saturday, November 4, 2013 SWE SFSU Volunteers with Bay Area Science Festival at AT&T Park, San Francisco, CA.

Pictured Above: Wednesday, November 16, 2013 Julie LaBonte from SFPUC discusses her project and experience as an engineer in Science Room 164.

Pictured Above: Wednesday, November 16, 2013 SWE GGS, Darcie Levulett enhances the SWE SFSU section with Leadership Modules in the areas of conflict resolution and building membership in Science Room 256.