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A new semester is beginning and we are looking forward to seeing some new and old faces. Take the time to get involved in our activities starting with our FIRST GENERAL MEETING. Learn what we are planning to do this year! Date and Time to be posted! 

What is SWE?

​The Society of Women Engineers was founded in 1950 and is a non-profit educational service organization of graduate engineers and women and men with equivalent engineering experience. SWE has an international membership of more than 14,000 in 79 local sections and 277 student sections. SWE Corporate memberships is available to organizations which employ engineers and are interested in supporting the goals of the society.


  • To inform young professionals, their parents, counselors and the general public of the qualifications and achievements of women engineers and the opportunities available to them.
  • To assist women engineers in readying themselves for a return to active work after temporary retirement
  • To encourage women engineers to attain high levels of education and professional achievement.
  • To serve as a center of information on women in the professional field of engineering.



How to become a SWE Member?

Sign up on SFSU OrgSync.  

Sign up on to be a National Member $20/year. 

A message from the SWE President: Stacy Dedelvecchio.

2016-2017 Officer Elections!

Its time for elections! Bellow you will find all of our wonderful candidates personal essays. Please take your time to read through everyone's before casting your vote. Diana will be sending out an email shortly to all registered members on where and how to cast your ballot. Good luck everyone!! 

Presidential Candidates: 

Anya Livshyts

There are times in life when it is difficult to make the correct decision. As we grow older, it becomes harder to differentiate between the best choice, the absolute resolution. When we are young, everything is evident, if not right away, then pretty soon after. Riding a bike down that hill? Fun, until you fall over and skid your knees. Sharing your lunch with the new kid? Gratifying, and opportune. Talking to everyone? The best, until you learn about stranger danger and then you just watch passersby and grip tightly to the ones you know. 

Now, every action counts. Every choice has to be well thought out, and researched in order to bring forth the best possible consequence. This is mine. 

There is nothing quite as inspiring as being a part of a community of such strong people. To feel the drive, to explore the passion. I haven’t known most of these people long, but I honestly haven’t felt so supported in the longest time. It’s funny, how that’s not something you discreetly notice until you have it. 

After attending the Leadership Summit, and milling around, watching these intelligent, professional women inspire and aspire, all I could think of was how I could be a part. How can I make a difference? 

I am running for President of the Society of Women Engineers because I think I would be a good leader. I am open-minded, a big fan of inspirational speeches, supportive, passionate and overall someone who constantly strives to be better. I am a sucker for improvement, and I think that will be a beneficial trait to have as a leader. 

As a computer science major, and journalism minor, I can open a new door for recruitment. I believe in being proactive, as well as being pretty serious planner. While being a part of the computer science department is crucial to my future, my journalism classes have helped me tremendously in learning many skills that are potentially beneficial to any career choices I might make. 

My background in gymnastics has taught me so much in perseverance, dedication and passion. I competed for over 15 years in Rhythmic Gymnastics, coached for five years, and judged the sport for four. My complete immersion into the USAG has also let me see into the inner working of a huge governing body, and what it takes to run it relatively smoothly. 

I have been the president of a club before, although in high school. I created and led “WritWatch,” a literary and writing club. While my initial intentions for the club were mostly about reading and having a space to discuss news and literature, I decided to evolve it with what the members needed. As most of the members were juniors, we created a system of essay checking and advice, as well as SAT preparation. My officers and I edited a multitude of University application essays, and helped a lot of struggling authors to get their thoughts out onto a page. This experience helped me understand how to better listen and let the members’ voice their needs, as well as how to help. 

While I may not have the conventional background for a potential President of SWE, I do believe my experiences have molded me, and have made me a good leader. If chosen, I will strive to do my absolute best in making this a great year for SWE at San Francisco State. 

Thank you for your time and consideration. 

Vice Presidential Candidates: 

Nikki Achor

Joining SWE was one of the best decisions I have ever made. Being a part of SWE has helped me grow in

ways I could never have imagined. Not only has SWE helped me academically, but it has helped me socially. SWE has helped me make connections that I would not have made without being a part of this society. The atmosphere is amazing because, I am not only surrounded by soon-to-be engineers, but I am surrounded by soon-to-be WOMEN engineers. This is extremely important because STEM fields lack diversity in race and gender. SWE serves as an academic social support system for woman attempting to break through the statistics that are not in our favor. I am here because I want to be apart of the change.

Taking on the role of Vice President will allow me to extend my possibilities to further SWE as a women engineer advocate and organization facilitator. Knowing that there are conferences just around the corner, I would like to find the best and most affordable options to take our SWE chapter to conferences. Conferences are a great

experience and I believe everyone should have the opportunity to experience them. Being that there is a lack of women engineers, these conferences are pivotal for the development of women engineers. I know that as college students, money is a very tight thing and I know the struggle. I was not able to attend the WE15 conference in Nashville due to financial problems. If elected Vice President, my goal for these upcoming conferences are to plan ahead and plan affordable. Conferences are a great experience and I believe everyone should have the opportunity to experience them.

The main thing I would have liked to see more of this school year with SWE was fundraising. I believe in order to reach the vision of helping members to conference, fundraising will have to be done. Fundraising will also help us create fun and cool events for members. As Vice President, I will work along side with the Fundraising chair and the Secretary to create fun effective ways to raise money. For fundraising we can have monthly raffles with great prizes and we can also sell hand crafted items and packaged foods.

I also believe that gaining members is important and is something our chapter needs more work on. Sadly, many science and engineering majors don’t even know that SWE exists. I believe that social media can play a huge part in informing students about SWE. I will work to help the Membership chair and the President to create a better outreach program that will help inform students about SWE and the benefits of being a member.

In the 2015-2016 school year, I was the role of ESAB representative. I was to attend ESAB meetings and create emails and flyers to inform students. This role has helped me develop my communication and design skills. My communication skills have developed by creating effective informative emails, wording flyers, booking rooms for SWE, and speaking in front of audiences. My design skills have developed by creating unique eye catching flyers.

In sum, my past experience as a club member, fundraising ideas, and passion for advocating success for women in STEM fields will allow me to be a better SWE member and Vice President. SWE is something that is very important to me and is one of my top priorities. Unfortunately this semester I was not able to attend the weekly meetings, but I always make sure to go to the tours and volunteer events no matter how far I have to travel.

Valerie Cuevas

I initially joined SWE my first semester of college to make friends because I didn’t know many women who were interested in engineering. The first major SWE event I attended was the national conference in which I knew no one else on this trip, but I attended anyway for the experience. I gained valuable information about the field of engineering through the career fair at conference, the lightning talks and workshops, and through professionals who gave their testimony. Conference really inspired me and helped reassure me of why I wanted to study engineering, I know that sometimes it’s hard for us to remember why we go into engineering when we spend countless amount of hours studying physics and math. It is our job as officers to promote the empowerment of women and to encourage them to follow a career path in STEM, and SWE allows us to do just that.

I am running for the position of Vice President because I have the qualities of a leader and understand the values and beliefs of the Society of Women Engineers. I have what it takes to be a problem solver in taking on large tasks for the society. I am passionate about SWE because I have witnessed firsthand the struggle of being undermined by not only male engineering students, but also even a former professor of mine who was a female engineer. I will give my all towards being an active officer and attending both national and regional conferences as well as many of the other events SWE holds. I have attended the national conferences before, therefore I am familiar with how important it is to have members attend and make the best out of such a great opportunity. I believe my social and organizational skills will help me in meeting new people in the field, talking to professionals, and in planning such major events for SWE. I have gone on multiple trips in which I have helped plan out details of booking a place to stay, managing a budget, as well as creating a schedule of events day to day. As Vice President of SWE at SFSU I will to bring organization and communication between all of the officers, as well as trying to form more connections with other collegiate sections within the Bay Area. I intend to outreach to the community and have women be more engaged in engineering. It would be great to have these connections not only for our collegiate section’s benefit, but the community as well will know about what SWE stands for and how great it is to be involved in a society that does all it can to celebrate women pursuing STEM field careers.

I currently hold the position of Secretary for SWE (15‐16) in which my job is to respond to SWE emails, keep track of membership, and help the society in any other way when needed. I know this role well and feel as though I have learned enough to take on larger tasks in the society. I have previously held treasurer positions in two extracurricular clubs, as well as the role of secretary in a nationally recognized academic society in high school. I am a fully committed SWE member because I am passionate about making a change in the STEM fields and encouraging more women to pursue careers in these fields. As women it is important to know that we have a choice and to know that we are capable of taking on the challenge in engineering. It is our job to empower women and to allow them to pursue something they are passionate about. By raising awareness and encouraging todays youth to venture into the world of math and science they may take an interest and be the change that needs to be made.

Mahlet Adamu 

My name is Mahlet Adamu, I was born on May 14, 1992 in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. I moved west to San Jose, California, in hopes of attending the highly ranked University of California. My career goal is becoming a well-educated electrical engineer and becoming successful. As an engineering student I work hard in my engineering studies. Joining a professional society as a student helps me demonstrate to my future employer my interest in the engineering industry. Therefore, besides the regular engineering classes that I had to take, I would like to engage myself in public works activities, and professional memberships. This is mainly why I become member of Society of women engineers. The main reason why I wanted to become a SWE member/officer is because I want to experience a lot more things than going to classes, going to library and just go home after. I wanted to be more involved in the campus and make cool friends that can potentially help me succeed and be more productive. If I become officer I will try my very best on bringing the club to be more known club and also try to bring more members in the club by explaining them SWE benefits. I will also try to make the weekly meeting more fun by involving members on different activities so that everyone will be excited to come to the meeting. I honestly feel like there are few women engineers so I want to go to high schools and elementary schools do some kind of workshop and tell them how women are capable of taking engineering classes and become engineers. Also to make SWE standout and be known in the campus I will try to bring some kind of projects that can be done with the help of SWE members. When I was in community college I used to be a tutor for math and chemistry if I can consider it as a leadership experience. 

Secretary Candidates:

Noelle Lanser

I have been an official Society of Women Engineers member since my freshman year. Currently, I am a sophomore and I have served as the Events Chair this year. While I enjoyed being the Events Chair, I would like to hold the Secretary position next year because I believe I would be more suited to the role.

I’ve been to the past two national conferences, and I have experienced how great SWE can be and what we can do! Next year I would like to help organize more networking events as they have proved beneficial for all involved. I would like to get members more involved with SWE and make meetings more interactive by having group discussions and playing games. I think we should give members the chance to be more involved with the planning of events if they express an interest in it, so that way they would be more inclined to become officers later. I would also like to help get membership up and advertise for meetings more. There are a good amount of people who could be in SWE but just don’t know anything about it. I also believe that we should work with other societies like ASCE, ASME, IEEE, SHPE, SASE, and NSBE. I would like to help organize joint meetings and social events, so that more engineering students can get to know each other. I also believe that in addition to tours and group events with other societies, as an organization we could enter or host some competitions.

I would be a good choice for the Secretary position because I am a good note-taker! I have also been a Secretary for my school’s choir in high school for 2 years, so I have experience taking minutes. I love taking notes and would summarize meetings for officers and members that could not attend and be sure that they are clear, concise and easy to read. In terms of organizational skills I keep multiple notebooks and journals for each class to stay better organized. Well detailed and thorough bullet journaling is actually one of the many hobbies I enjoy. I also have experience and understanding in programs such as the Microsoft Office Suite as well as Prezi and have good presentation skills. While I was Events Chair I had to communicate with different industry professionals and have developed strong communication skills with varying kinds of people, from professionals to students.

The reason I want this position is to make a difference and help improve SWE overall. This position to me is not just something to put on my resume, as I genuinely enjoy SWE and am an advocate for women in STEM careers. I am prepared for this commitment and am excited for all of the events that I can help make happen with SWE. Thank you for taking the time to look over my application, as well as considering me for this position.

Juliana Martinez

Solidarity, undoubtedly, is why I decided to join SWE. As women, we’re born with an institutionalized disadvantage, a deeply ingrained belief that we are less valuable, less effective, less intelligent than our male counterparts. I’ve always felt as if it was a duty of mine to fight against inequality if I was able to, and I wholeheartedly believe that The Society of Women Engineers is an organization that understands the feminine struggle and actively seeks to elevate women by fighting for their interests and creating opportunities for us. Beyond that though, I joined SWE because I love that the organization is not only fighting for women, but women in engineering and science. We’re underrepresented in the field of engineering and the belief that we are less capable still remains, and I need to fight that stigma because I don’t want to be one woman in the mere twenty percent of women that are in the field. As a member of SWE, I believe that I can make an impact in the fight against the status quo and help to see one of my greatest desires realized: equality and diversity in age, gender, and race in the workplace.

I believe that I will be a good fit for the Secretary position in SWE because I have previous experience with secretarial positions within clubs in high school. I was able to reorganize preexisting membership logs and taking minutes. I want to be Secretary because I’d love to push the club and get more people to join the club and help to grow not only SWE at SFSU, but also help make an impact in the life of other women that seek to become engineers.

After interning at JPL for the past three summers, I’ve had an incredible amount of experience in outreach. I’ve made connections with professionals affiliated with NASA and plan to use those connections to put on Women in Science panels and use my connections for assistance with setting up more tours and adding contacts to SWE’s contact list.

My past experiences as captain of my sports teams and as an officer in Key Club and Sharing our Humanity has given me officer/leadership experience that has been invaluable. I was the captain of the swim team from 10-12th grade. I was Editor of both Key Club and Sharing our Humanity and then later became Vice President of Key Club my senior year. I am passionate about SWE because with such a wonderful platform to elevate women, I can make a difference!

Treasurer Candidates:

Victoria Tse:

SWE gives many opportunities to everyone. Over the year that I have been a part of SWE, I’ve learned that there are many interesting people to meet and talk to. They have different perspectives on their own majors and it’s interesting to learn more about themselves and their passions. During this 2015-2016 year, I was SWE’s treasurer. For this position, I have written professional emails to different companies, set up fundraising events, designed polo shirts, and kept track of the SWE banking account along with ASI funding. At the beginning of the year, I was assigned the task of writing formal emails to different companies asking for their support in SWE at SFSU. Although many companies were unable to help us raise money, they did in fact want to keep in touch because they are big supports of our organization. For the rest of the year, I kept track of all the ASI funding. We used most of the money for food at meeting, but we also used it to make flyers for our events. 

As the treasurer of SWE, I am a trustworthy, responsible, and organized person. I have dealt with the money for the club when asked and keep track of every transaction we have made. I have worked hard in everything that I did and I have tried to get everything done as soon as possible when necessary. I know that if I am asked to do something for SWE, that I will get it done as fast as I can do it. 

My past leadership experience includes being an officer in the Interact Club in high school. I was given a position as a public relations committee member. For that position, I helped to make posters and found community service opportunities for the members of the club. I learned how to contact people that are in charge of events, asking if our club can be involved.

SWE for me is a life changing experience. I have never expected to meet so many people, learn how to network, and learned from other people’s experiences in the real world. Being a part of SWE has changed me personally and I welcome all the new experiences that are to come in the future. 

Publicity Chair Candidates:

Iman Lapido:

My name is Imaan Ladipo and I wish to be Publicity Chair of SWE, SFSU Chapter. I want this because I want to give back as much as I want to get from SWE. Basically, amazing things are happening right now in the world of tech and engineering, from the Oculus Rift VR Headset to Prynt allowing you to print your videos, reminiscent of the moving pictures in the Harry Potter universe, to BMW’s shapeshifting car, and I want to be a part of any and all these things. But I only transferred here, to San Francisco, the heart of all this, this semester and am in need of some connections, career help, and, most importantly, friends in the field. I want to learn from and connect with the people already involved in these things and to meet both those people and the elusive and rare creatures known as ‘femineers’ who are, hopefully, similarly passionate about technology these days, SWE seems to be the perfect place. And in exchange for this, I want to contribute my skills:

I am quite artistic and used to volunteer with The Gauntlet, the University of Calgary’s school newspaper, and they taught me how to layout a page, the ins-and-outs of advertising, and how to use Adobe InDesign. Before that, my artistic talents came in handy when I was part of a student-run business and became Executive of Advertising. Therefore, I think I well-equipped to both create beautiful fliers and other SWE paraphernalia and distribute them.  I also think my experience helps me come up with ideas that will hopefully attract more members. For example:

I am not sure if SFSU has a ‘club week’ but I think it’s important that SWE definitely makes its presence known during the beginning of both Fall and Spring semester, perhaps with an extremely nice booth at Malcolm X during these times, or maybe holding a raffle during our first event where the tickets are given at the booth along with business cards (I would work closely with the membership chair on this). I think attracting people at the beginning of both semesters is important because students, especially new ones, are looking for things to join before their semester gets too hectic and it’s important they know we exist (I didn’t at the beginning of this semester). I would also work closely with the email chair to perhaps spruce up the emails with Gif’s and such as I think part of the reason participation dwindles is because people get bored after a while, but if at least the email looks interesting they will perhaps read enough of it to find something that interests them.  

I really want this position because I think it’s important that more people become aware of SWE and its benefits.  As a woman of colour, I have always been in the minority wherever I’ve been, and with sexism still in the workforce, I think it’s important that women are made aware of and utilise any advantage they can. Otherwise, the alternative is to have fewer femineers, and femineers  have a lot to offer.  

Outreach Chair Candidates:

Kamila Kondej

My name is Kamila Kondej and I wish to be Outreach Chair of SFSU's SWE chapter. I am a civil engineering major on track to graduate in Spring 2018 and before I graduate I would like to put my organizational skills, enthusiasm, and passion for engineering to use in SWE’s community. I initially joined SWE because I wanted to build my professional network, meet other engineers, and learn about my career perspectives, but very quickly I realized that SWE was not only a place where I could do this in addition to making new friends, learning new things from my colleagues and professionals, and developing new communication and teamwork skills, but a place where I could share my love to engineering with other people, encourage others to be more curious about the world around us, and show them how we can improve existing things and innovate new things by using our engineering knowledge, hard work, and effort. After all, engineering is hard. It's long hours of studying physics and math. But Engineering can also be fun. From the tours of famous buildings and construction structures to the factories with the newest technologies to the social meetings with engineering professionals and the volunteer opportunities with schools and engineering projects, the Bay Area is a little engineering wonderland, where everyone can find something interesting to do. But it looks like most SWE members are very busy students and do not have the time and willingness to do all the research on events and opportunities. That is where I come in. I would like to contribute to our SWE community by utilizing my leadership skills and my past experiences in event

planning. I believe that together we can greatly improve the SFSU chapter of SWE and make it something that not only makes our college students excited about engineering but makes all students, young ones included, excited about engineering.