Hey Gators! 

A new semester is beginning and we are looking forward to seeing some new and old faces. Take the time to get involved in our activities starting with our FIRST GENERAL MEETING. Learn what we are planning to do this year! Date and Time to be posted! 

What is SWE?

‚ÄčThe Society of Women Engineers was founded in 1950 and is a non-profit educational service organization of graduate engineers and women and men with equivalent engineering experience. SWE has an international membership of more than 14,000 in 79 local sections and 277 student sections. SWE Corporate memberships is available to organizations which employ engineers and are interested in supporting the goals of the society.


  • To inform young professionals, their parents, counselors and the general public of the qualifications and achievements of women engineers and the opportunities available to them.
  • To assist women engineers in readying themselves for a return to active work after temporary retirement
  • To encourage women engineers to attain high levels of education and professional achievement.
  • To serve as a center of information on women in the professional field of engineering.



How to become a SWE Member?

Sign up on SFSU OrgSync.  

Sign up on to be a National Member $20/year. 

A message from the SWE President: Stacy Dedelvecchio.