What is Project Censored?

Project Censored is a media research program whose principle objective is to teach students and the public about the role of a free press in a free society - and to tell the News that didn’t make the news and why. We are focused on reporting news that is underreported, biased, and otherwise unfair so that we can have an informed society, essential to a true democracy.  We seek to empower students on the SF state campus to become active in taking the media into their own hands to portray a more accurate and complete view of events going on around us as well as to help the community and the globe to have access to reliable independent information sources

Affiliated with the Holistic Health program at SFSU, Project Censored believes in the importance of self-directed learning. As physical, emotional, and environmental wellness is important, we also believe in the value of the knowledge and education we consume. Combating “junk food news”, we instead report and discuss news that is important and full of value.

Project Censored meetings are held in HSS 329: Wednesdays 5-6pm The public is welcome. Join us.

Top stories from the annual book Censored

Project Censored - SF State Affiliate has actively participated in contributing articles to the annual publication Censored. Follow this link and read our latest contributions.

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