Spring 2013

1st General Meeting: February 20th: Admission Directors from California Northstate University, College of Pharmacy and College of Medicine.


Fall 2012

1st General Meeting: October 3rd:Carmela Jaravata, Ph.D Came to talk to students about being a Researcher and expanding into the business world. She is also an SFSU Alumni. 

October 10th: Marcela the Director of HCOP from Stanford University 

October 17th: CEO Mary Lou Licwinko and past president Dr. Steve Fugaro, MD of San Francisco Medical Society (SFMS) 

October 24th: MASS STUDY

October 31st: Health Coach Amireh from UCSF (cancelled)

November 7th: CHARITY TO SF SPCA



Spring 2012

1st General Meeting: February 22: Guest Speaker/Volunteering Opp: Leslie Jonson, Stanford's National President of the United Students for Veterans Health Organization

March 2nd: Research Panel: REU, MARK, BECKAM Scholars talk about their experiences in student research on campus as well as opportunities and tips for applying to these prestigious scholarships. 

March 14th: Mass Study Session: A quiet place for members and their friends to come study for midterms and snack from 5-10pm with tutors present for tutoring sessions.  

March 28th: Mini-Health Fair: A small health fair with local clinics and other campus health orgs tabling in the usual meeting room.

April 4th: Spring Charity: Charity event that we have every semester, all donations are given to local organizations. This semester we had boxes stuffed with goodies for the Veterans at USVH. 

April 18th: Guest Speaker/Volunteering Opp: OKIZU, an organization that supports families and children with cancer. 

April 25th: End of the Semester Potluck/Award: Most Recognized Member of Spring 2012 is TARA MURPHY.


Contact Information

Please contact us at sfsuphpsa@gmail.com if you have any questions.


Barry S. Rothman, Ph.D.

Advisor Location

Hensil Hall 221


San Francisco State University, Biology Department