Vice President:
Tanisha Saini

Tanisha Saini is the volunteer coordinator this year. She is a sophomore, majoring in cell and molecular biology. Tanisha has been a member of PHPSA for a year and decided to pursue the position of volunteer coordinator due to her passion to help the community. Her passion for volunteering stemmed in high school when she began volunteering for Sutter Roseville Hospital in the nursery and partum department. The position consisted of bathing newborns, setting up showers for mothers, striping and making beds, and assisting the staff of the hospital. Tanisha became intrigued by the process of birth and decided to enroll in a physiology course. After becoming fascinated by the human body, Tanisha declared that she wanted to study medicine and the following summer she received an internship with Kaiser Permanente. At Kaiser Permanente, Tanisha rotated through various departments and found oncology to be the most stimulating and compatible field to suit her passions. Tanisha’s main goal is to pursue a career in medicine and now is highly interested in the field of oncology. Due to that interest, Tanisha is currently volunteering with a foundation called Okizu, a campsite made for families enduring childhood cancer. Okizu is funded by UCSF and other surrounding hospitals. The purpose of Okizu is to give families a weekend away from their struggles and to meet other families encountering similar situations.

Although Tanisha desires to be a participant in the field of oncology is very prominent, she is keeping her options open and is interning with San Francisco General Hospital as a research assistant in the Trauma Center. This internship involves consenting patients for various studies occurring in the department such as blunt trauma, skin and soft tissue infection, and Methamphetamine and MDMA overdose cases.

Although such a schedule can be very occupying, within her free time, Tanisha enjoys learning to play the piano, spend quality time with friends and family members, and also riding her bike for exercise.   


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Barry S. Rothman, Ph.D.

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Hensil Hall 221


San Francisco State University, Biology Department