Kent Stanton

Kent has been part of PHPSA since spring 2013, and is currently pursuing a major in Physiology.  He volunteers at University California San Francisco, located in the Parnassus district of San Francisco, as a member of the Falls and Safety team, a group of volunteers that are responsible for informing patients who are at risk of falling due to their current conditions/medications that they may be on.  He himself is interested in pursuing medicine, particularly in the field of neurology.  His passion for this specialty is driven by personal encounters and experiences with family members who have mental disorders and disabilities.   Another reason as to why he wishes to pursue a career in medicine is because of his strive to better people’s lives, so that everyone can live the lifestyle that they would want to live.

Kent, in his spare time, loves to run and compose music. He has been playing various instruments since the age of nine and has been running, once competitively, but now for fun since freshman year of high school. He is also ROP certified in photography and has won first place in the 2011 Contra Costa County Fair.

Other clubs, recognized by San Francisco State University, that he is a member for, is Koinonia, a Christian group founded on the ideas of community , and the National Residency Hall Honorary, where he is the Director of Scholastics and Services.  He currently is in the process of becoming a CPR instructor with American Red Cross, and probably somewhere cramming for his next test.


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Barry S. Rothman, Ph.D.

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San Francisco State University, Biology Department