Tuan Nguyen 

Tuan Nguyen made the best decision of his academic/extracurricular career in Fall 2011, he joined PHPSA. Since then, PHPSA has opened many numerous doors leading to many life-changing experiences. These experiences have helped mold his perspective of medicine and the healthcare field.

The most recent experience, and also the most impactful, has been Stanford Summer Health Career Opportunity Program (SSHCOP). This six week intensive internship changed his life dramatically as he was surrounded by Stanford professionals, medical students and others who shared the same passion as he. It was a rigorous experience that renewed his passion for medicine, science and helping others. Being one of four nominated graduation speakers and the recipient for the Social Change Leadership award for Citizenship, shows that he is committed to serving others and passionate about change.

Tuan hopes to share the experience and the lessons he’s learned with his own community here at SFSU. He understands how intimidating a path towards a health career can seem, but he will do what he can to help the organization and its members strive for their goals, just as PHPSA has done for him in the past.

"If your dreams do not scare you, they're not big enough."

-Ellen Johnson Sirleaf

Aside from medicine and healthcare, Tuan has a strong foundation of leadership experience with his church youth group, St. Patrick Chieu Leadership (SPCL). After embarking on a missionary trip to Cambodia to build homes and teach impoverished communities English, he came back to start a TA connection program with his youth group and their Catholic school.  This provided an opportunity for high school students to actively assist and teach Catholicism, instilling faith in young children. He hopes they experience the same joy he had while teaching in Cambodia.

Tuan is passionate about change and serving others. With a strong aspiration to become a Pediatrician, he believes wholeheartedly that children are the future. As potential leaders (and parents), we must ensure that the children of tomorrow have a strong foundation and a bright future ahead of them.

With that being said, Tuan and his team will do their very best to offer support to the pre-health community at SFSU. We look forward to meeting and working with you. 


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Barry S. Rothman, Ph.D.

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