Caitlin Clausen

Caitlin Clausen has been a member of PHPSA since 2009. She is majoring in Biochemistry, and harbors a great love for Organic Chemistry. Caitlin is also interested in sexuality studies. She hopes to pursue a PhD in Organic Chemistry and help to develop medications and treatments for many diseases and disorders.

Caitlin has worked at San Francisco General Hospital as a clinical research intern in the Emergency Department. She has collected data for several clinical studies involving blunt trauma, acute organ failure, and co-peptin studies. She also volunteered at Uhuru Furniture and Collectibles, an organization that defends human and civil rights and addresses education disparities of African Americans. She is an advocate of public health in other countries as well and is a part of Global Brigades organization that goes to Honduras, Panama and Ghana to help create self-sustaining communities. Caitlin believes strongly in community and working that together to reach common goals is a huge aspect of human health and especially in the health field.

As the Math, Science, and Business Tutor at CARP, Caitlin works with her co-workers and SF State faculty members to help provide free tutoring services for all SF State Undergraduates. She tutors in the math and sciences; general college level algebra, pre-calc, general biology, organic chemisty and biochemistry are only a few of the subjects she tutors in. Caitlin also recently joined Dr. Wu’s organic chemistry lab, researching Orotidine 5’-monophosphate decarboxylase inhibitors.

On top of promoting academic excellence, she also believes in a healthy and active lifestyle. She is an avid soccer player and a Bikram yoga enthusiast. She also enjoys swing dancing at Lindy in the Park and blues dancing at Shades of Blues.


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Barry S. Rothman, Ph.D.

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San Francisco State University, Biology Department