Danny Posadas

Danny Posadas as been a member of PHPSA for just one semester and already thinks it is the best thing he could have done.  PHPSA not only has opened up many great opportunities for him but also provides a group of friends who he can rely on when things get tough.  He plans on staying with PHPSA for the remainder of his time at SFSU.  He was granted the position of charity organizer for PHPSA and he could not have asked for a better position. He loves helping others and helping people get through tough times. Being charity organizer to him isn’t a job it is a joy.

Danny is a first generation Honduran American. Being the son of immigrants he has big dreams and ambition. He dreams of becoming a pediatrician one day as well as specializing in cardiology.  The reason for that being is that when he was just one year old he received open heart surgery for a condition called Ventricular Septal Defect.  Ever since he is absolutely grateful for the doctors who helped him survive a rough time. His little brother Kevin is actually named after the surgeon that operated him. His parents are also forever grateful for the doctors that saved their son’s life. That is exactly the kind of impact that Danny wants to have on future children and family.

Danny is currently volunteering at the UCSF Hospital in the school program. He tutors ill children at UCSF and he enjoys doing it.  The children remind him of himself when he was ill as a child. This is only the beginning of his journey which involves helping children. He loves children and wants to spend the rest of his life helping and treating them.

On his spare time he enjoys working out and playing soccer. He loves to stay fit and soccer is his second passion after wanting to study medicine. He is looking forward to seeing many new faces who are eager to join Pre Health Professions Student Alliance.


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