Laurence Henson

Laurence has been a member of PHPSA since Fall 2011, and is a Physiology Biology major. He is currently doing research at the Vredenburg lab, assisting in the studies being done on the prevalence of the pathogen Batrachochytrium dendrobatidis (Bd) in several amphibian species and working on his project on investigating the effects of climate change on the prevalence of Bd. As a first generation immigrant from the Philippines, he understands the obstacles that other immigrants have to go through to access opportunities for post-secondary education and will gladly help anyone in need.

Laurence has an extreme passion for treating patients with kindness and fairness and hopes to one day provide healthcare for the underserved who cannot afford treatment. He is currently co-heading an organization called S.A.L.U.D. (Students Applying Leadership Under Direction) which aims to prepare high school students for college through mentorship and monthly workshops. He is also an alumnus of the Stanford Summer Health Careers Program (SSHCOP), where he and other alumni underwent scholarly development under the guidance of the medical school’s faculty and students.

In his spare time, Laurence enjoys playing video games and online chess, and occasionally jogs around Lake Merced. He will also beg anyone who knows how to cook to give him advice, because he is not very good at it.


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Barry S. Rothman, Ph.D.

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Hensil Hall 221


San Francisco State University, Biology Department