Chelsea Casey & Julia Christensen - Holistic Health Co-Directors;

What do you hope to achieve during fall 2017?

I aim to provide weekly anti-stress tools to students in both the BSN and ELMA/ELM programs, along with possible workshops held throughout the semester for students on various holistic techniques and practices.

How do you plan to accomplish your goals?

I plan to accomplish my goals by using materials from AHNA’s 2017 National Conference along with community contacts that have been built upon by previous holistic health directors and staff.

What tools/help will you need from your fellow NSA members?

Passing on the information to fellow classmates as well as others in the community is a big step in raising awareness of the advantage holistic health brings to one’s well-being. Any topic ideas from NSA members are always welcome as well.

What barriers do you suspect you will face in implementing your goals/projects?

Barriers to my goal implementation are mainly scheduling of the different cohorts; posing the necessity to have multiple options for events to allow students the opportunity to attend.

What are the tentative dates you are looking at for the fall semester?

9/29/17, 10/27, and 12/1 (hopefully more than once a month, will meet with my codirector to finalize projects and tentative dates)

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