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The Nursing Student Association (NSA) is San Francisco State University's chapter of the National Student Nurses Association (NSNA) and the California Nurses Student Association (CNSA). Both associations work to improve the development of nursing students by bringing up to date information on nursing practices, ethics, legislation, and much more.

Our student organization is run by elected officers that hold different responsibilities to help in improving the experience of pre-nursing and current nursing students. We participate in blood drives, student body functions, faculty meetings, mentoring, sharing information on community service and volunteer opportunities, attending conventions, and improving the quality of our program experience.

Our Purpose 

  • To aid in the educational development of students who choose Nursing as their major and profession.
  • To contribute to the educational standards of the University in general, and the Nursing Department specifically, with emphasis upon maintaining the high education standards of the Nursing Program.
  • To promote a positive image of the School of Nursing and its student body.
  • To address student issues concerning their Nursing education.
  • To be an advocate for Nursing students.
  • To sponsor events that will benefit SFSU students and the larger community of our region.
  • To promote interdisciplinary collaboration in furthering our objectives and purpose.

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