MA TESOL Student Association

The MA TESOL student conference! 

Our biannual conference marks the culmination of years of study and reflection in the MA TESOL program and provides a forum for graduating students to share their insights, experiences, and scholarship with other students, colleagues, faculty, and the larger TESOL community. 

The conference is put on by graduating students from the MA program.  Each student works individually or in teams to research a topic relevant to TESOL field.  With the help of the MA TESOL faculty and the MA TESOL Student Association, these students plan, organize, and put on the conference. 

Our organization runs on donations from money collected at the door for the conference, the generous support from Associated Students Inc., and from individuals and businesses such as yourself. 

Use the PayPal button below to donate to our conference.


We use these funds primarily to cover the cost of the conference (printing, office/registration supplies, food). Any additional funds go to host our monthly TESOL Talks. We operate for educational and community building purposes; we do not operate for any political purposes. Officers and members in the MA TESOL SA do not receive payment for their services. We operate as a nonprofit; as we gross less than $5,000 yearly, we are allowed by the IRS to operate as a 501(c)3 nonprofit without filling out a 1023. If you make a donation at your request we will provide you with a thank you letter that you can use to document your donation for tax purposes.  

Please contact Chris Washington  or Aaron Sponseller with your questions, comments, and suggestions.
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