Forming a Sisterhood that promotes the Philippine culture had been a longtime dream for a group of women at California State University, Long Beach. That dream then turned into a reality when one woman, Gayle Romasanta, took the initiative in uniting these women. On March 28, 1996, Kappa Psi Epsilon was born. Twenty-four women, our Founding Mothers, had come together to form the foundations of our Sisterhood with the hopes of providing cultural and community awareness and with the desire for Unity and Friendship.

In 1997, Kappa Psi Epsilon Founding Mother Leilani Guevarra transferred to San Francisco State University. Despite a false start to expansion in her first year at SFSU, she was re-encouraged to try and bring the unique sisterhood of Kappa Psi Epsilon to campus when her fellow Kappa Sisters Gayle Romasanta and Jennifer "Jinkie" Respicio had joined her in San Francisco in 1998. Still, the process did not come without struggle; the politics surrounding the Greek Council required a lot of planning and paperwork in order for Kappa Psi Epsilon to be recognized as an organization.

Elaine Famatid, an SFSU student, had been in contact with Leilani and began to work out plans for informational meetings about Kappa. She used AOL search to her advantage when looking for a group of interested girls. Using the search terms “SFSU” and “Pinay”, she found Melissa Radoc and immediately instant messaged her telling her all about Kappa Psi Epsilon and the upcoming info meetings. From there, the news spread by word of mouth, from one friend to another. At info meetings, the interested girls were shown videos and photos with only a few Sisters physically there. They felt as if, by deciding to pledge for this sorority, they were going in “blind” – they knew it was already established but they also knew that they would need to develop their sisterhood as the Beta Chapter along the way. These ladies who would pledge as the Beta Chapter, Alpha Class had to not only pledge but also take part in the processes of being recognized on campus and help Leilani, Jinkie, and Gayle form the foundation of Beta Chapter.

After a long and difficult journey that began in the Fall Semester of 1998, the Beta Chapter, Alpha Pledge Class came to the end of their pledge process - Michelle Caballero, Elouisa Famatid, Michelle Guevarra, Sharon Lorenzo, Cheryl Lubi-Lampano, Juslyn Manalo, and Melissa Radoc became Sisters and established San Francisco State University as the Beta Chapter of Kappa Psi Epsilon on March 13, 1999.

Beta Chapter has since grown and changed along the way, always for the better and with the foundations laid out by the hard work of our Beta Chapter Founding Sisters in the minds and hearts of the Sisters present.

The sorority has then expanded also to University of California-Davis, University of California-Los Angeles, and Sacramento State University.