The Counseling Student Association (CSA) is designed to provide peer support, student advocacy, professional development, and social events for graduate-level San Francisco State University counseling students across all six specializations (MFT, Career, College, School, Rehabilitation, and Gerontology). Serving as the only student-run organization that reaches across all specializations, CSA plans and coordinates workshops, panels, social events, and annual counseling graduation ceremony.



CSA’s mission is to build community within the Department of Counseling and help graduate students expand their professional network in the field of counseling.


Throughout your time here, CSA will provide you with opportunities to build relationships and a peer support system.


CSA Leadership Opportunities

Interested in becoming a CSA Officer?

Current Open Positions: 

  • Fundraising Chair 

Benefits of becoming a CSA Officer?

CSA Officers receive ten free graduation tickets for their service. Benefits include free admission to CSA hosted workshops, conferences, and networking opportunities.

How can I contact CSA for more information?

For more information email us at



What are benefits of a Membership?

By becoming a member you will have access to:                                      

  • Social Events
  • Career & Professional Development Events
  • Networking Events
  • Annual CSA Symposium
  • Faculty Presentations

CSA leaders remain in ongoing contact with the Department of Counseling to convey student concerns and feedback. We work with you to provide constructive feedback to the department on issues that impact your education and career goals.

Advantages of a $65 Lifetime Membership include:

  • 3 Free Tickets to Graduation 
  • Graduation Walking Fee Waiver ($45 value)*
  • Discounts to CSA Events and Merchandise 
  • Training and Professional Development
  • Leadership Opportunities

*Waiver only available if you join prior to the semester in which you graduate

How can you join CSA?                          

Students can join CSA by applying online through Eventbrite:

Upcoming Events:

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